Sexton Creeps is an international musical project from the underground art scene in Groningen, the Netherlands. A musical collective rooted in experimental and psychedelic music, combining dark guitar grooves with psychedelic soundscapes created by DIY instruments, effects, and once in while classical violins to top it all off. Their deep and vivacious live gigs earned them a good live reputation which lead to successful gigs on Noorderzon 2012, Fringe Festival Amsterdam 2012, and bookings as the opening acts for O’Death, The Kill Devil Hills and Deer Tick.

In June 2009 the band released their first studio album Song For My Kaiserin, which was well received by the critics and was labeled ‘Krochtenrock’ (i.e. ‘Crypt Rock’) and ‘Dark wave indie curiosities’. In February 2011 the band released their second album The Sour Acre on Dying Giraffe records and was sold in music stores throughout Holland. 2013 started of with “Alex Hotel”, their third full length studio album, which is a collaboration with sound artist Kasper van Hoek. At its premiere on
Noorderzon, the album already led to an enthusiastic response from the crowds. A new album is released beginning this year titled: ‘Lesbian Skies’; this album was crowdfunded by Sexton Creeps fans. In return for a donation people received a spot on the album cover, could decide the track title and even the title of the album itself.

The sexton creeps on. A band like an unreliable stove, at which one can gently warm or harmfully burn oneself.

2012-08-22 EKKO (photo by Lisanne Leftink) 022012-08-22 EKKO (photo by Lisanne Leftink) 06 2012-08-22 EKKO (photo by Lisanne Leftink) 03 2012-08-22 EKKO (photo by Lisanne Leftink) 05