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Songs for my Kaiserin (CD-R) - Sexton Creeps

Songs for my Kaiserin (CD-R)


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CD-R release.


released 25 June 2009
All songs by Sexton Creeps
J.C. – Vocals
Steven Jouwersma – Guitars
Bram Nigten – Drums, Percussion
Martine Rademakers – Organ, Piano, Synthesizer
Jos Volkers – Bass, Accordion
Jouke van der Krieke – E-Violin, Guitars, Drums (track 2), Percussion
Arnold Nieborg – Guitars
Klaske Oenema – Vocals (track 8)
Kasper van Hoek – Noise (track 7)
Mixed by AvoidAudio & Steven Jouwersma
Recorded at the Groninger Conservatory Radesingel 6 by Klaas Pot on December 10th 2007 and January 16th 2008.
Artwork by Gijs Deddens & Kim Hunnersen